Doing Business

Explore the four primary Target Industry Sectors for Yoakum:
Industrial Services
Professional Services
Specialty Agriculture






The City of Yoakum is a full service city.  Our residents and businesses enjoy electricity, water, sewer and trash services with a single monthly bill.
About 85 dedicated men and women serve our residents and businesses in various roles for the city.  The Directory of Contacts includes those at City Hall.


The Yoakum EDC is a state sanctioned economic development corporation that funds expansion, retention and attraction efforts.  It is funded by a 0.5% sales tax.  The board provides a variety of business incentives described in the Incentives page.



Retail Trade Area


The Retail Market Guide is a professionally produced road map for retail expansion.  Through the use of UberRetail (data collected from mobile phones) the Retail Trade Area was determined.  Yoakum's trade area has a daytime population of 13,000 and a median household income of $49,000.