Why Choose Yoakum

Making Tomorrow's History, Today

Recognizing potential

Pioneers.  Trailblazers.  Settlers.  Frontiersman.  Have you ever imagined what it was like to discover a relatively untouched place?   A pristine forest, the clear sky of a desert, a natural seaport, a mountaintop?   How about discovering a yet-to-be transformed inner city neighborhood that later commanded top real estate prices?  Would you have recognized its potential?  

Did you wonder about the potential of towns that just 10-15 years ago had names like Rosenburg, Buda, Seguin, Boerne, and Bastrop?  Or more recently names like Taylor, Sealy, Llano, and Lockhart ?


Why City of Yoakum?

Within two hours drive of Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Houston exists a place that beckons discovery.  Like those sleepy cities that preceded it, Yoakum is extremely affordable now.

Off the beaten track, there are no interstate highways that bisect Yoakum.  As such, the result is less traffic, pollution, noise, and crime.   There is an interesting mix of privacy and intimacy.

A diverse manufacturing sector thrives in Yoakum, including food processing, leather goods, thermoplastic corrugated pipe, cryogenic natural gas processing, and insurance.  The city has its own hospital, medical specialist building, and several nursing homes.  


Potential Oozes From Yoakum

Affordability, for the time being, is the calling from Yoakum.  As the Texas population grows, commute times lengthen. Broadband internet makes living anywhere a reality.

The city of 6,000 has a trade area of 12,000.  A recent Retail Gap Analysis confirmed that Yoakum can sustain businesses typically found in cities twice its size.  The nearest big box retailers are over 30 minutes away in Victoria.  

The city features one regional bank and two locally owned banks.