Strategic Plan

In 2016 the YEDC combined two key studies: the Business Recruitment and Marketing Strategy (TIP Strategies, 2014) and the Strategic Economic Development Plan (LCRA, 2012).   Revisions were made to match current conditions.   The core goals remain the same.   An eighth goal was added to reflect the remarkable physical assets of downtown Yoakum.  The plan was adopted by the Yoakum City Council in January 2017.  Links to documents are below.


Goals of the Yoakum Economic Development Corporation

  1. Continue targeting key businesses and industries
  2. Look for ways to support workforce development
  3. Continue supporting the success of existing businesses
  4. Develop a real estate strategy for business recruitment
  5. Maintain a supporting role in housing, tourism and community enhancements
  6. Develop regional recruitment and marketing partnerships
  7. Foster community awareness of the Yoakum Economic Development Corporation (YEDC)
  8. Develop a downtown revitalization plan


2017 Revision Goal 1 ....  in progress

2017 Revision Goals 2-8

Business Recruitment & Marketing Strategy (TIPS,2014) 

Strategic Plan (LCRA, 2012)