Boost for National Register District

National Register plaque.jpg

Yoakum’s bid to become a National Register District got a big boost when the top Texas Historical Commission (THC) reviewer visited Yoakum recently.  

“This city’s historical buildings are remarkably in tack” said Smith, who along with YEDC Director Chuck Dart and consultant Rebecca Borchers toured downtown on a steamy morning in late May.   The walk-through identified every building and structure as either “contributing” to the historical make-up of the district or “non-contributing”.   Owners of contributing buildings will be able to apply for tax credit renovations.  

Over the next month details will be finalized in preparation to submit the nomination.  This will include a map of all contributing buildings and the district’s boundaries.  Then, due to large number of applications in the THC backlog, the waiting game begins.  Review by the THC state board is planned for January and final approval by the U.S. Park Service should occur 3-4 months later.  However, owners of contributing buildings can apply for tax credit projects in advance of final National Register District approval.  Contact the YEDC for details.