Changes to Downtown Zoning Proposal

Proposed Zoning map 121218.png

Comments from building owners who attended the Central Business District (CBD) Open House Nov. 27 - 28 were shared with the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Committee, a group of seven volunteer citizens, on Dec 10 and the following changes to the proposed CBD were made:

  • The half-block on Front St. between W Grand and May will change from Industrial to C-2 zoning, which is consistent with all current uses. The half-block bound by W Morris, Irvine and W Hugo will retain its current C-2 status, which is consistent with all current uses.  The proposed Central Business District zone will now affect 5 ½ blocks of downtown.  
  • While all attendees agreed there is a parking issue, they were unsatisfied with the attempt by P&Z to address it. Therefore, P&Z removed all mention of off-street parking requirements.  

A revised map and permitted use table are available upon request.   Additional comments will be welcomed at the P&Z monthly meeting at City Hall on Monday, January 14 at 5:15 PM before it makes its recommendation to City Council.