City Awarded $1M Grant

Lift Station #318 8x6.jpg

The Texas Department of Agriculture has awarded a $1 million Texas Capital Fund (TCF) grant to the City of Yoakum for infrastructure improvements relating to an expansion at Eddy Packing, Yoakum’s largest employer.   The grant will pay for improvements to the city’s lift station, electrical and water systems.  

At its own cost, Eddy Packing plans to construct a $4 million on-site pre-treatment plant.   “Combined with the TCF improvements, the pre-treatment plant will enable Eddy to double its volume to the city sanitary sewer system”, said Pete Ryholt, CEO of Eddy Packing.  This will result in an additional 50 full time workers.  

Currently the Yoakum EDC and City of Yoakum are applying for a grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to enhance the industrial park area with electrical, sewer and water improvements.  This is necessary because recent growth at Eddy Packing has absorbed much of the park’s excess infrastructure capacity, thereby potentially limiting growth in the short term.  

While the final numbers are to be determined, “the EDA grant value is anticipated to be around $1.2 million” said Kevin Coleman, City Manager.  Depending on the final scope of the project, the city matching funds will be covered by the city’s water, sewer and electrical capital reserves.