Downtown Revitalization Committee Appointed

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Seven representatives of the Yoakum community were appointed by City Council at its February 13 meeting to participate in the newly formed Downtown Revitalization Committee.   The group will investigate components currently used in successful small city downtowns.  This will include types of ordinances, sources of dedicated revenue, incentives offered, and citizen-led involvement.   At its first meeting, set for March 8, each committee member will be assigned a small city.  The group is expected to meet 4-5 weeks later to compile the results.   The representatives, who represent different segments of the community, are:  Carl O’Neil (City Council), Tommy Barre (EDC), Alexa FIkac (downtown business owner), Mary Bulot ( downtown building owner), Bill Lopez (chamber), Diane McCommas (resident #1), and Stormy Seekamp (resident #2).