Downtown Survey: Clothing, Craft Beer, and Yoakum-Themed Stores

Desired downtown businesses - survey - 122817.png

As evidenced by the 279 people who participated in the Yoakum EDC-sponsored Downtown Vision Survey between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Yoakum area residents really care about their downtown.   Most of the participants understood this was a visioning exercise so the comments and open-ended responses within the survey were positive and constructive.   

We discovered their preferences for types of businesses, entertainment and food establishments.    The participants expressed the desired “look” of downtown buildings and streets.  Also, in anticipation of future downtown second floor apartments, participants were asked how much people would be willing to pay for 2bed/2bath and 3bed/2bath apartments.  This information provides pricing data points for potential developers to determine if the rents can produce an adequate return on investment. 

We were pleased that the survey had higher than expected response rates from those identifying as young adults and middle-aged, the two most influential groups.  In conclusion, it appears those who have visited other cities’ vibrant downtowns want to see it here. 

Click here to view the Downtown Vision Survey results.