National Register District News

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If all goes as planned, the Yoakum Commercial Historic District will be the newest addition to the 342 National Register Districts statewide and the fifteen National Register Districts within a 60 mile drive of Yoakum.  The Texas Historical Commission (THC) will return to Yoakum on December 5 for a planned public meeting to be held at 530pm at Yoakum City Hall.  While anyone can attend, building owners, in particular, may wish to clarify with the THC the benefits of being part of the district.

Each building and structure within the proposed Yoakum Commercial Historic District is either “contributing” to the historical make-up of the district or “non-contributing”.   Owners of contributing buildings will be able to apply for a combination of federal and state tax credit renovations.  

Review by the THC state board is planned for January and final approval by the U.S. Park Service should occur 3-4 months later.  However, owners of contributing buildings can apply for tax credit projects in advance of final National Register District approval.  Contact the YEDC for details.

National Register designation imposes no restrictions on property owners. Those receiving grant assistance or federal tax credits for rehabilitation projects, however, must adhere to certain standards.