Training Makes for Good Employees


Many young adults today demonstrate the maturity levels of pre-teens or teenagers of past generations because they have not yet learned to work.   Minimum wage, liability insurance, the cost of transportation, excessive smart phone use and parental bail-outs have collectively reduced youth employment opportunities.  The result is a maturity deficit of many young adults.  That leads to employee failure, particularly when it comes to customer service.

People are not born knowing customer service.  They have to be trained.  Trained employees are happier, more productive, produce more sales, deter theft and are less likely to quit.  Older adults learned these skills as they assumed responsibility as youngsters.   Nowadays, organizations such as Victoria College, Victoria ISD, and Victoria Friendly Customer Service invest in their employees by sending them to learn customer service.

I frequent a Yoakum business where employees never smile.  Recently I entered the business while mistakenly believing I could change the world, smiled and presented a hearty “Good morning!”   The response was a droopy-eyed, unenthusiastic “For here or to go”?   Stunned by failure, my reply was delayed while I studied the lines of the employee’s unhappy face.  Why does this person work here?   Has it always been this way?   Does the person want to be better on the job?  Is this person trainable to learn proper customer service?

Think about how poor customer service influences your decision to not patronize a business.   Poor customer service is the beginning of the end.   Not surprisingly, the above business trails behind its Yoakum competitors and is below its own year-over-year revenue.  Tune in next time.

The views are of Charles Dart and do not reflect those of the Yoakum EDC.