♫..when I’m 64 ..

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In 1967 the Beatles released a song about a young man asking if his mate would still care for and feed him when he got older.  With my own 64th year rapidly closing it may be time I get serious about this age stuff.  Last week I registered for Medicare.   Check.  

Let’s look at how age affects our community.  According to the American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates for the period 2012 to 2016, the overall population of zip code 77995 decreased by 0.7%.   In the same period the number of residents 65 and over increased by 3.1%.   By the next census Yoakum may have twice the percentage of 65+ residents compared to Texas as a whole.  So we’re an ageing community, is that bad?    Many smaller communities have found when the local economy is built to cater to the aging the results can be quite beneficial.   The local hospital, professional building and skilled nursing homes is the infrastructure to build on future endeavors.  And what about the non-medical assets needed to increase the quality of life for seniors?

These may be opportunities for Yoakum’s young-to-middle aged adult population.   They are the breadwinners who will shape the future of Yoakum.  Percentage-wise the young-to-middle aged group falls significantly below state averages, so there’s room for more of them.   And, as the costs in the state’s major cities spiral out of control, thousands of young-to-middle aged people are facing the dilemma:  stay and pay (and have little or no savings for retirement) or leave the city for a more affordable location.  Perhaps they will even start a business wherever they land.

I’m confident the young-to-middle aged folks with foresight will find a solution to secure their family’s future and not have concern about “when I’m 64”.