Destination Marketing


Sometimes a business hits it right on the head.   Several years ago, my work cohorts and I would frequent lunch in a non-descript medical office building.  None of us knew the restaurant name. We only knew it as “Apple Pie”, the Thursdays-only desert, and the place was always packed.   I don’t remember anything about their meals, the service or the pricing.  But the Apple Pie! 

Jon Schallert, the small business guru, says the key to successful business is to become a destination.  “How do you take a business and make it a destination?  Think bigger,” Schallert has said.   Many mom-and-pop businesses market to their local area, within a 15-minute drive. That strategy is short-sighted.  The goal should be to pull in customers from hundreds of miles away, he said.  Schallert calls it “being small and playing large.”

Speaking of large, try Mimi’s Kitchen’s “Gi-normous Pancakes”, the signature breakfast item.  For the brave, eat three and get them for free!  Mimi’s is tucked away in the Woodfield Inn (606 US Hwy 77A South) and, like the Apple Pie, is without the benefit of a prominent sign.  But the word is getting out:  A perfect 5 star rating on Facebook complements those warm hearts who recently sponsored their 3rd Annual Free Christmas Dinner.