Double D Addiction Coming August 3!

2018 Double D Addiction 5.jpg

Enthusiasts of the Double D Ranch brand will travel to downtown Yoakum late this week for the company’s annual Double D ADDICTION event which celebrates a group of dedicated customers and the group’s founding.

“These are some of our most loyal customers,” Double D Ranch owner Margie McMullen said.  “We invite them to Yoakum to show them a good time, celebrate the wonderful community of women and our fashion brand, Double D Ranch.”   

The annual event centers around Double D Ranch’s semi-annual outlet sale which starts today (Wednesday) and concludes Saturday, August 2. Festivities include a pre-reserved dinner for 150 guests featuring live music from local band Southpaw and classic Texas barbecue, a brewery tour in Shiner, a special film feature at the Grand Theater, area shopping and more.

“Don’t be surprised to see beautiful women covered with turquoise jewelry and clothed in Double D wandering Yoakum’s downtown restaurants and shops this week,” McMullen said. “We’re hoping downtown restaurants, drinking establishments and stores will stay open a little later Saturday night to take advantage of the extra traffic,” McMullen said. “Yoakum doesn’t get an opportunity like this very often.”   

The group has already reserved every available room in Yoakum and most of them in Cuero. Over 150 are expected Friday night and Saturday with more visiting as early as Wednesday and Thursday.

Double D ADDICTION began as a Facebook group creating an online community for addicts of the fashion brand but has evolved into a vibrant community of women and men. The group has over 5,000 members and a regular roster of four yearly events.