Here’s to Prosperity in Yoakum!

Grand Theater Yoakum.jpg

As my term at the Yoakum EDC comes to an end I offer three suggestions to the residents, downtown property owners and future leaders in support of the prosperity of Yoakum.

  • Residents, encourage your friends and family to start and grow businesses in Yoakum. In the past three years no Yoakum business with a business plan has failed.  These are available at no charge through the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC).  If you are unsure of what type of business, review the Retail Gap Analysis on the YoakumEDC web site to identify “gaps” you can fill in the retail landscape.  In the past four years the YEDC funded over $500,000 in matching grants for retail.
  • Downtown building owners, continue your efforts to redevelop downtown. The Yoakum Historic Commercial District is the city’s most unique physical asset.  Designation as a National Register District will result in “historic tourism”, a term dubbed by the Texas Historical Commission.  Keeping the historic fabric intact will enhance the district, so seek assistance whenever a change to a façade is considered. In the past four years the YEDC funded over $150,000 in downtown building grants.
  • Future leaders step forward! That’s you, Gen X and Millennials!  Volunteer for a city board to get started.  The pay is lousy and the job is thankless.  But the time commitment is minimal and you would be helping your community, even in a small way.  Baby boomers are getting tired.  It’s your turn. 

It has been my pleasure to serve the people of Yoakum during my term.  I wish you all well.