Vallarta Restaurant to Open ... Soon

Luis David Serna - June2019.jpg

When asked about his restaurant’s opening date, David Serna cautiously smiled, “If the furniture arrives, August 1”.   After what seems like endless months of renovations at 614 Irvine, custom-made Mexican dining tables and chairs are the latest cause for delay.   Otherwise Taqueria Vallarta of Yoakum is ready to open on a site with a rich history of businesses endeavors.  However, very little remains of the original building.   “Every piece of lumber was replaced except the rafters”, said Brian Cushing, Vallarta’s contractor. “Had we known what to expect, we would have removed the building and started from scratch”. Incredibly, the building was reconstructed by friends and family, mostly restaurant workers, under careful instruction and the watchful eye of contractor Cushing.   “He showed us how to build and he would not permit mistakes,” said Serna, “I think Yoakum will be very happy with the results.”

Serna comes from a hard working Mexican immigrant family whose USA roots began in Kenedy, Texas about 20 years ago.   His father involved all siblings in the family restaurant and each was given the opportunity to start a new restaurant.  Restaurants owned and operated by the Sernas now dot the south Texas landscape. “My father is a church pastor who did not want to sell alcohol,” explained Serna, but competitive pressures in Cuero lead them to secure a liquor license last year, “so we will open Yoakum with a beer and wine license”.  The Vallarta will serve Mexican and American foods and employ 12-15 full time employees.  The restaurant will open August 1…or when the furniture arrives.