Wayfinding for Yoakum

Mockup 1d.png

Chamber of Commerce Chair Diane McCommas, at the January meeting of the Yoakum EDC, suggested installing signs to entice highway travelers to visit multiple City of Yoakum points of interest.    Three months later, “Wayfinding for Yoakum” findings were presented at the semi-annual joint city council-Yoakum EDC meeting on April 16.

YEDC Director Chuck Dart explained that wayfinding signs, popular additions in many Texas cities over the last decade, accomplish four goals:  to provide community identity, to increase tourism, to increase road safety, and to enhance the visitor experience.  “Each of 31 potential Yoakum destinations were graded on these four goals by our committee members.   From this list ten destinations emerged as candidates for wayfinding signs”.

Using TxDOT traffic counts, intersections were identified for the signs and their destinations.  After a meeting with TxDOT, some proposed signs were eliminated or revised.   Currently the proposal contains twelve signs. 

The committee will now present its findings to various funding sources.  If successful, the group hopes to have them installed by year’s end.

Photo:  A sample wayfinding design